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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

            CL@SSROOM 2.0 

Cl@ssroom 2.0 is a technological classroom 
Sasha and Rebecca C.

Cl@ssroom 2.0 is a very special classroom because pupils use computer and IWB to learn

Cl@ssroom 2.0 is the most techonological classroom of the school 
Paolo, Moad, Uilliam

Thanks to Cl@ssroom 2.0 pupils can learn new interesting things...
Nicole di Gennaro and Marta Cedrone

Pupils can surf  the  web in safe way

The children of the Cl@ssroom 2.0 are very lucky

The bloggers interview the pupils of the Cl@ssroom 2.0, coming soon the video 
Alessio Grasselli and Greta Granocchia